Scenes from Liberia Part VII – Outdoor Laundry

Three years into the reign of Charles Taylor, there is no running water in the entire country of Liberia, which makes doing laundry an arduous task. The women first fetch water from a well, then clean the clothes by hand, and in the process turn doing laundry into a social activity.


Scenes from Liberia Part V – Cooking outside

Without running water, electricity, appliances, or even space most people would call a kitchen, women and girls cook on the street in Liberia. The young girl is pounding cassava.

Scenes from Liberia Part IV – A child soldier

Archie saw his family killed through a crack in a door. He was abducted into a rebel army at the age of nine and forced to commit atrocities and to laugh when he did. This photograph was taken when he was fourteen, after the war had ended and he was living with a foster family in Monrovia.

Scenes from Liberia under warlord Charles Taylor, Part III

The country of Liberia was without electricity and running water for years under Charles Taylor, forcing people like this girl to bathe however they could. Ofir risked arrest in the capital by taking photographs.

Scenes from Liberia under warlord Charles Taylor, Part II

LIberia’s largest bank in 2000, three years after Charles Taylor took power.

Scenes from Liberia under warlord Charles Taylor, Part I

Orwellian billboards adorned Monrovia in the time of Taylor. He was convicted last week of war crimes.